4D2U Project

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Launching the Program / Changing Settings

Q: How can I customize Mitaka?

A: The plain text file "mitaka.ini" controls the default settings for Mitaka. It can be edited with any text editor. See the manual for options.

Q: Mitaka doesn't run on my computer.

A: You may not have enough video memory. Try reducing the texture resolution to reduce the program's memory use.

In the mitaka.ini file set texture reduction factor to 2 or greater:

Reduction = 2.
This will reduce the detail of the graphics textures by a factor of two.


Q: Can I reverse the behavior of the right-drag when zooming in and out?

A: Yes. Set the ZoomReverse to 1 in the [Mouse] section of mitaka.ini.

Planetarium Mode

Q: Can I see the night sky from a place other than Mitaka?

A: Yes. Take off, double click another location on Earth and land again. Planetarium mode should now show the sky as seen from that location.

Q: How can I customize the initial landing site and its name?

A: Edit the parameters, "Lon", "Lat", and "NameE" in the [Landing] section of the mitaka.ini file. Please read the manual for details.

The unit for "Lon" and "Lat" is degrees. To convert between degrees and minutes (arc minutes)/seconds (arc seconds), use 1/60 degree for 1 arc minute and 1/3,600 degree for 1 arc second.


Q: Why was this software named "Mitaka"?

A: Mitaka is named after the location of NAOJ's headquarters, Mitaka City, in Tokyo, Japan.